Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Better Late Than Never!

MPC Starts anew after big Guinness Record event weekend!

Back home in our Royal Oak pistes, our enthusiastic boosters from last weekend's event brought back, Cindy (throwing), Theresa and Claire! Denise (leftmost) directs the students in their initial gameplay lessons. Next week they say that the guys games are open season, and there's no holds barred!

Our favorite long-time, no-see player, Jimmy!, surfaces this weekend and announces he's ready for a long, new 2008 summer. He says his nephew has moved into town from France and is ready to meet the club during the weeks to come. Here he throws his inaugural first point...

...and Gerard confirms that it's about 5 centimeters away, not bad for a season's first throw! We'll see you next week Jimmy!

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos Joe. I'm glad to see Jimmy K. is back on the piste.