Thursday, June 26, 2008

Detroit's Comeback Kids

It was looking dire for Pat; Aaron; and Kevin - their score... 6 points to Jeff; Mark; Mike; and Hal's 12. But then something changed... Pat, having tossed away his two boules and returning to work, let the young upstarts coordinate a surprising comeback worthy of a triple Huzzah.

Despite very close pointings by Mike, Aaron's stunning shots removed boule after boule - like some kind of automaton. Jeff and Hal were soon out of boules, leaving Kevin and Aaron to sweep up 4 points in the first end, making the balance a more formidable: 12/10...

"We just couldn't get a point in," griped Jeff, "nothing that is, that Aaron and Kevin couldn't outshoot or point."
Then the following end evened up the score 12/12 - the piste was so quiet, you could hear the the wind whistling behind the Cobra.
The Game Point end was a fantastic conclusion, with Jeff; Hal; and Mike holding the close point, at about 10 paces out... and out of boules. Aaron and Kevin had 2 boules left, 1 each... Taking a chance, Aaron fired away, knocking the cochonnet off the field... giving them a 13th and winning point. Congrats to all!

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