Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Games for the Detroit Rankings Today

The first game Jeff/Mike vs. Pat/Aaron/Mark concluded with a 13/5 victory for Jeff's team. There was time for another game, so we mixed teams and played to 13 points:

Pat/Mike/Kevin vs. Jeff/Aaron/Mark which ended in a 13/3 victory for Pat's team.

The question arose, did the 2nd game count towards the rankings. After careful reflection... Yes... it does. So long as you have 4 players minimum participating, and the score is at least played to 7 points (on games subsequent to the 1st game). The idea is to avoid the situation where only 2 players show (for whatever reasons) and they play a series of six games (because 1 vs 1 are quicker games) - racking up points.

Looking at the results, I see that I still rank highest, but Pat is closing in on the top rank. The player averages are all across the board - with Hatesh (and his 2 games played) ranking in highest at 2.5

By the way, as the highest amount of points a player can collect in a game is 3 (13/0 score) - the highest average you can attain is... yes... 3 and the lowest... 1 (because all of the members of the losing team always get 1 point).

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