Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Back from Vacation - I see a whole new ranking for Detroit

Well, I see someone has been ascending the ranks, Mike is leagues ahead of the next closest, Pat, in ranking, but he is also holding quite a nice average (only Hatesh is at the highest). When you figure that the best average you can have is 3 (and the lowest, a 1) that's pretty good for 5 games.

Big thanks to Kevin for keeping the boules rolling while I was out camping in Canada. After a good portion of us have our own boules, it'll be easier to always have a game rolling - as triplettes only needs 2 boules a piece.

Aaron has been practicing at the old petanque pistes near the Detroit River. There are hard-packed sand pathways there ripe for boule.
Perhaps we can have a regular day during the week where we play along the river (may be cooler there too).
While I was away, I took 2 sets of boules with me, and played with lots and lots of folks (Canadians, Aboriginals, tourists from elsewhere) - everyone was enthusiastic about the sport, and promised to continue.

Anyhow, I'll see you folks at the piste. May your boule always be the closest.

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