Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Triplettes for Cadillac Square - Mike's Winning Streak Ends

James/Joe/Mark played against a decidedly "handicapped" Pat/Aaron/Clark - namely Clark a passerby didn't really have his head in the game - so in essence, Pat and Aaron were playing with 4 boules to 6...

But that's how things are in totally inclusive sports... and frankly, we've built up the clubs by welcoming in folks despite their "green-ness"

So kudos to Pat and Aaron... You still won seven points off the opposition - not bad.

My second game couldn't have been more fun... Mike and I were 0 (Zero) to Hitesh/Rob's 5 points - with 10 being the win. In a fluke, we scored 6 points with a lucky hit (no defensive boules can mean easy pick'ns). We still lost it in the end - but at lease held our own.
NOTE: I think the winning streak for Mike is over... two losses today!

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