Friday, July 25, 2008

There's a tongue-twister that gets used for vocal warm-ups in theater quite often. It works the "W" sound in an excruciating manner. It goes:
Whether the weather is cold,
Or whether the weather is hot;
We'll be together
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.
There's a version to be had for Pétanque, I'm sure, and it involves crêpes. A few minutes' walk away from the pistes in Cadillac Square Park is Good Girls Go To Paris, a new Crêperie owned and operated by Torya Blanchard Howell, a french teacher. The hours are 7AM-7PM Monday-Thursday, 7AM-2AM Friday and Saturday, and Sunday 7 AM-4PM. The crêpe batter is, from what I can tell, a whole wheat affair, and the variety in her menu is quite exciting.
Local Organic Fair Trade Coffee – Always $1


1st “KATIE” – apples, salted butter, caramel - $4
2nd “FAY” – bananas, pecans, butter, brown sugar - $4.50
3rd “CORA” – blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream - $4
4th “MELINDA” – lime, brown sugar, cream cheese - $4
9th “GOOD GIRL” – banana, nutella - $4
10th “BLACK KRISTY” – strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream- $4.50
11th “WHITE CHRISTY” – lemon, sugar - $3
12th “SHANNON” – banana, chocolate, coconut - $4
17th “HELEN JOY” – almond, chocolate, coconut - $4
19th “MOLLIKA” – cherry, chocolate, whipped cream - $4.50
20th “SNYDER” – all fruit - $5

all ingredients a la carte - 50 cents
build your own crepe or add to a crepe


5th “VERA” – bacon, spinach, boursin - $5
6th “ALLISON” – hummous, hot sauce, spinach, herb de provence - $5
7th “SARAH” – mushroom, chevre, spinach, red pepper - $5
13th “JESSICA” – ham, pineapple - $4
14th “KSENIA” – ham, swiss - $4
15th “JAMIE aka GIRL IN THE D” – onion, bacon, swiss, egg - $5
There was a bit of a wait today, which would seem to have been because today was the first full day of business for the shop. It's another little bit of French culture slowly seeping back into our fair city, the Paris of the Midwest.

Your author had a crêpe jambon-fromage, and Mark—of Pétanque fame—had a Vera, which he seemed to be enjoying as he hustled back to work.

The crêpes come with high praise from all who were enjoying them, and would make a perfect pre- or post-game snack for the pétanquistes in downtown.


Anonymous said...

Excellent report. I'm also glad that they're open until 7pm - time enough to hustle over and pick up a few for dinner!


Jeppy said...

I couldn't get to the Good Girls Go To Paris Crepe shop yet - so this morning I had a tremendous desire for crepes and made up a batch... Jambon et Fromage... and some dessert crepes: Mango/Peach jam...