Thursday, July 24, 2008

Detroit's Second Game sees Miracle Comeback

Today on the piste in Cadillac Square, the second game looked grim. Jeff and Mike were up 7-1 as Aaron and Hitesh looked grimly at their situation. Time was running short—they were already past the one o'clock end time normally observed—and the game had been set as a race to 7. Hitesh departed, wishing the others a good afternoon, with a promise to return tomorrow. Aaron, however, was undaunted, and accepted Jeff's suggestion that the game be played to a full 13 points. Aaron picked up an extra boule, and Jeff and Mike each dropped one, making the contest a 4-on-4 slugfest.

Aaron adopted a highly risky strategy, placing the cochonnet close to the boundary several times to limit the angles that the southpaw team would have available to them. He placed initial points close, and through sheer luck was able to struggle back in the points—but then, it seemed as though the game would end. A score of 7-5 suddenly became 10-5 on a poor round by Aaron, and soon the game seemed all but lost as Jeff and Mike sat at 12 points, on the verge of victory.

Then—as though the high-water mark had been reached—Aaron brought his score to 11...then 12. A tie game—one point was all that was necessary for either side to claim victory...

Aaron was able to win by sheer numbers, as he could make a mistake and correct for it, and still have boules left over. A 13-12 victory for Aaron to bring Mike's losing streak to two games in a row. Whether the score counts towards the standings or not, it was a stellar one-man effort against the overwhelming left-handed force—truly a game that will long plague the confidence of the vanquished.

(This dramatic description brought to you by Aaron. Now it makes sense, doesn't it?)

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