Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Full House at Detroit - Time to Break into Games

It was a bit much, five to a team, but we were able to get a full game into lunchtime today with 20 boules on the ground.

Next time, we'll break into doublettes (or triplette) teams - running two games at once. (Winners playing Winners/Losers obviously playing... Losers)

Video Today

The group had a new player, Bryan, friend of Aaron's pointing on the opposing team. Bryan has bocce experience, so he was hardly a beginner - pointing rather nicely - and securing a victory for his team:

James/Mike/Tim/Bryan/Abu 13 against Pat/Jeff/Mark/Aaron/Hitesh 6

Pat and I have a theory going that if we can defeat the team with Mike on it, then we can break his winning streak now and forever. Too bad we couldn't push him off the summit today.

James came to play, and his superior shooting, coupled with solid strategic advice left us at 6 points.... Blech!

Joe Z. - who came to play, I lassoed into running the interview with the Detroit AudioVisual guys. It was 45 minutes of tape/audio - I'm grateful for his taking the time to do this. Honestly Joe, I thought it'd only be 15 minutes! You get first dibs on playing next time.


Mac said...

Bryan is the spelling, and he enjoyed himself, though me might not make it by too often.

Jeppy said...

Fix made (Brian to Bryan).

Whaddyah mean "not make it by too often" ? youse got dose boules - youse gotta use 'em


Mac said...

"he". But anyhow.

Anonymous said...

In the tradition of the Vinny's cousin Joey "Bag-A-Donuts", Petanquer Timmy "Bag-o-Carrots" is always making you see his "point" without having to "shoot".
Gangsta' is as gangsta' duz.