Monday, July 21, 2008

A Traitor in our Midst

Forgive me! I know, I know, what is Joe doing!? I'm going to give Bocce a whirl this weekend while I try my hand in the Michigan State Bocce championships.

My very good
boulistenaut friend, Mike at DaVinci Bocce, like me, is crazy about his sport and always runs a top-notch event has invited me to play... and as many of you know, I can never turn down a boule invitation, not to mention the great event Mike has put together. So I'll be very happy to be throwing bocce with him this Saturday. (but don't forget petanque on Sunday!)

Come visit us (or play, we need a shooter) at Sylvan Lake Bocce courts this Saturday and join in the fun if you'd like. The picturesque courts are located at 2276 Garland Blvd, Sylvan Lake, MI 48320--just a few minutes west of Pontiac.

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