Monday, July 28, 2008

Joe Z. Visits the Detroit Strip - Takes Home a Win

The Detroit Petanque Club was given some northern suburbs lessons by Michigan Petanque Club president, Joe Z. And apparently that advice was sound, because my team: Abu/Kevin/Jeff/Mark was soundly beaten by Aaron/Mike/Joe/Tim 13 to 4... Yipes!

Then, in the second game (7 points adjusted to 13) - Pat/Abu/Jeff were again beaten by Tim/Aaron/Mike 13/7 Ouch!

I've changed the Rankings Board to reflect the more worthwhile "Average" rating. Players who are in for more than 9 games have a collected sufficient results to rate a realistic average.
Technically, if you win every game 13/0 you can have a 4 average; but typically, the range will fall between 1 (you get 1 point for losing) and 2.5 to play more than 10 games and be above 2 average is an excellent rating.

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