Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old Format is Best - Everyone Plays in Same Game

I tried, really, I tried to have multiple games going at once, but today it just didn't work out.

We had five people - so I decided to have a true doublette start and I'd wait on the sidelines until another player(s) showed to create a 2nd game.

A half hour later, Mark shows up - and I just felt it'd be best to jump into the existing game as a triplette.

So, while the theory of running as many games as we can sounds nice - the reality is that we only have 1 hour - and not everyone shows up at one time. That said, people would be waiting around not playing until other players showed up. That will only cause frustration and less people showing up.

So... my original formula works (unless there's enough folks at the beginning of the start time) of everyone playing as they show up.

Enough of that. Now on to today's game(s). The doublette began with Pat/Tim vs. Aaron/Mike then they were joined by Mark; Hitesh; and me.

The first game, 13/3 - whew! Pat's team took it. But then Pat; Tim & Mark left to return to work (side note: Mark pulled up his pant cuff and we saw ... something that resembled, well... he claims it's a medical device...) Anyhow, it was Mike/Jeff vs. Hitesh/Aaron for a second game which went well for Mike and me (7/1 adjusted 13/6) - then Hitesh had to Hitail it to work, leaving Aaron to continue the game (un-ranked for fun) to 13 points. Which he did, taking the win 13/12.
For those of you who think playing/working downtown in Detroit is dangerous... check out the police presence...(photo) . Nothing to worry 'bout here...

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Anonymous said...

Police presence, what police presence?
All I see is motorcycles. The fuzz must all have found a donut shop nearby..... or maybe they are on survellance of the guy wearing the device.