Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's Games in Detroit Bursting at the Seams

Splendid day - lots of competition, lots of laughs, and good friends socializing.

Tony and his wife drove in from Kitchener (midway between London and Toronto, Ontario) to play some petanque in Detroit. He has a pair of great games ahead of him.

The first, Jeff/Mike/Aaron/Tony didn't go well, 1/13 (victory to Pat/Tim/Abu/Mark).

But with plenty of time for a second game, (the rule for rankings is at least 4 players, and play to at least 7 points) to 7 points. Same teams (Hitesh switched in for Mark)

We did better, with a nail biter of an end (6 to 6) with a 7 to 6 conclusion (converted to 13/12 for rankings purposes).
This changes the averages a bit. Hitesh, long time holder of the best average falls second to Tim who has captured the best winning average. If you check out the photo of Tim below, you'll see his secret weapon... Yellow Peppers. Pat confided in me that when Tim eats the peppers, that's when the Magic Happens...

Pat also observed that Abu plays his best on Fridays. Abu was pointing in everything... and even took out two opposing boules with 1 shot!

Thanks all for stopping by - see you on Saturday (1-5pm) or Monday-Friday 12-1pm.

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