Monday, July 14, 2008

Tim Is Tops in the Averages and Right Behind Mike in the Rank Category

It's unbelievable how many games Mike has won in the past twenty games - I'll bet at least 80 percent.

Tim has edged out Hitesh and pushed Pat and Jeff down some places on the ranking chart as well.

Pat did have some rather remarkable saves in today's game, with a solid battery of hits at crucial times, and a cochonnet (article 13(b)) displacement giving us 2 points when we badly needed points.

But in the end, Tim shot the cochonnet for two points, bringing his team's (Tim/Mike/Mark) 13 points over Jeff/Pat/Kevin's 10

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Brooklyn Boule said...

A merry Bastille Day to you all, over there in the Mid-West. Not a great tournament for us yesterday, but the yellow water was drunk and the sun did shine Brooklyn stlye....All the best as always.

Brooklyn Boule