Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Afternoon of Tournament - Ranking

Mike & Pat teamed up for a try-out as partners - with awful results - a 13-4 loss to Tim & Wayne. Tim, who won't be participating in tonight's tournament was Pat's partner at last year's tournament with a gleaming 2nd place position. Now that Ziggy & Mamary aren't playing - they would have had a clear path for gold.

Mikey is knocked down to third in the average rankings, Jeff is holding on by the skin of his teeth for 1st.

In other news, the tournament day this year (a Tuesday night) was selected for it's "utter safety in availability" and yet Detroit has found a way to put in barrels, and barricades for a potential stage set-up for a musical performance tomorrow. Fun Fun Fun!

Fortunately, petanque can be played virtually anywhere, so if need be, we'll re-locate across the street at Campus Martius Park.

8/27/08 NOTE: The barrels and barriers were not really in our way, there was no construction going on during our event - it was an excellent place for our tournament.

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