Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steve Plays with the Detroit Club

Yesterday, after the petanque session, Steve had stopped me on the way back and asked about our game.

Today he was playing right in the thick of it - and pointing especially well.

(some difficult pointing tries, like there's a force field up)

Mike/Mark/Tim/Pat played a tough game against Jeff/Hitesh/Rafael/Steve

Keep in mind that I had two relatively new pointers on my team. Hitesh and I had to really concentrate on the strategy because we were behind in points. BUT, as it turned out, Rafael and Steve were pointing like pros... and we caught up and were in the running for victory. It was only in the end with 11/12 that the opposition took their final 13th point.

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bmh said...

The video is funny in that "it happens to all of us" sort of way.

It really does seem like there is some sort of force field there (maybe its just a slope, but we'll never know for sure).