Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Detroit Tournament Results: James & Cheryl Take the Gold

........The day/night before a tournament is always nervewracking for me as I want to make sure every element is accounted for, from the paperwork (score sheets; team number tags; doorprize tickets) to the food plans (crepe reservations; dinner planning; and snacks) to the little things like what the heck to do if construction of a stage is going on in the middle of where you are intending to hold the tournament! Fortunately my good friends were there to help - from moving the equipment to the site (thanks Mike); and getting the delicious crepes from Good-Girls... (thanks Gene) and all of the rest of you who worker-bee-d the tournament to a success - so thanks y'all for helping make our club... a cooperative effort. big thanks also to Philippe of Petanque-America for some of those cool door prizes.

The overall feeling for me was that people had a good sense of tournament play - despite there needing to be a BYE for team-8... (Rob! we're going to have to get you a watch!). The killer piste - that center (of the "H") terrain was murderous - with plenty of boules rolling off the side. In a tournament, knowledge of the ground can be great advantage.

Light was definitely a rarity for the final (fifth) game - as our team had a BYE for that one... All the better for the clean-up and prep for going to Enoteca for dinner. The results were James & Cheryl for GOLD; followed closely (3 pts.) by Dan and Dave with Silver. Our triplette (Hitesh; Kitty; Jeff) took third; and then, interestingly - two teams tied for 4th place: Aaron/Mark & Kevin/Wayne. Then the fun team: Pat and Mike (nicknamed the Rabbit for his superior night-vision) who almost beat the Gold medalist team (James & Cheryl) in near darkness! Mike was having a little bit of a tournament breakdown - but he held it together for that last game which could have turned the tide on the ultimate victors. Gene and Sharon held sixth place - Gene was shooting very solid when we played against his team - and Sharon's pointing was very tight as well.

Enoteca was a delight for it's proximity, and I really enjoyed the family-style platter o' food method. Individual choices take more time, and separate the diners from each other's experience, so dipping into the same tray for grilled sandwiches psychologically bonds the players together. (I think)... Enoteca VIDEO

Next time we'll have an earlier start! This was the final (5th) game at 8:30 p.m. and the brightest cochonnet looked like a rock!


hdarpini said...

Congratulations on a well-executed, fun tournament.

diveborabora said...

Very cool tournament. To Jeff, the players and helpers: Nice job on the details, the pics, the posting and the committment to making it happen! Congratulations!