Friday, August 29, 2008

Jazzy Petanque Scene for Friday Games

With the Jazz Festival's many tents in place, it didn't look like there was going to be anywhere to play, but we shoe-horned in a place at Campus Martius Park and for a change of terrain, used the thicker gravel of that area. Teamed up with Aaron and Rob, we won the first game against Tim; Kevin; and Rafael - but fell victim to their revenge 10/13. I am really glad to see Rafael's pointing coming along so nicely, and Rob's pointing too is back on track. Aaron's been shooting more - and the experience shows with many solid connections. Kevin is very secure with shooting, and Tim needs a little work at getting back to his usual level of perfection. Too much work at his firm is pulling his boules off.

VIDEO from today

No petanque Saturday (Jazz Fest) nor Monday (Labor Day canoeing) but I'll see you guys Tuesday. James H. & Cheryl D. and I are going up to Holly, MI for Renaissance Fest - where Aaron E. will be displaying his swordmanship theatrics. We hope to play a game or two of petanque (olde style).

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