Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday - and Pat Teams up with Mike for a Victory

I knew going in that the odds were going to be tough... Pat (strong shooter & pointer); Aaron (milieu (both shooter and pointer)); Mike (odd good luck when it comes to boules); and Rob (Shooter) against Jeff (Milieu); Mark (Pointer); Steve (Pointer); Ruth (Pointer)

A shooter heavy team will do better, I think, than a pointer team as they'll just remove whatever is in the way.

And so the result 13/8 - not surprising. But we fought hard, and made them sweat a little.

I must add that Mark's pointing has been very reliable. A close initial pointing can "use up" all of the opposition's boules.

Welcome to Ruth who I hope can return soon, and Farewell (for now) for Steve - whose Detroit contract ended today - he'll be playing up in Royal Oak on Sundays.

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