Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mikey is Good Luck Charm

Seven players for today, so we had one doublette Mike/Mark vs. Tim/Steve and a mixed 1 vs 2 between Pat and Jeff/Hitesh.

I grouped Mike with Mark because I couldn't put him with Tim (too powerful combo vs new guys) and I wanted Steve to be teamed with someone who could explain the game while it was being played (sorry Mike). They had a long game - ending with Mike/Mark taking the win 13/9. Mike commented afterwards that his partner, Mark, was taking some chances, trying out the shooting - and he was doing "okay" and Steve - our newest player, was pointing like a champ.

Meanwhile, on piste-B, Pat vs. Jeff/Hitesh played a really close game, with Pat in the lead 12/7 we slowly caught up to a 11/12 situation. The last end had Pat sitting with the close boule at 8 metres, and we had two opportunities to point in... but failed.
NOTE: Pat had his tournament partner, Mike, stand by for good luck. It worked! Some people use horseshoes - Pat prefers the whole horse!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you in your pics from your club! You're always doing all the work and never getting your due recognition, especially in your dapper DPC wear! ;-) ...some Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Mike always seem to be battling it out for the top spot, just like the U.S. and China in the Olympic medal race. Hmm... I wonder when pétanque will become an Olympic event.