Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doubles Tuesdays - Nail Biter Finish

Pat/Rafael pulled out a 13/11 win against Abu/Kevin/Hitesh in an edge of your seat match which was sitting at 12/11 by the time I sauntered over. I imagine, since out teams played 2 games in the same time-frame, that this was a point-for-point game... the best kind. It usually means the teams are evenly matched.

Our games were 13/0 FANNY! With Tim/Jeff taking down Mike/Mark - true, they were playing vastly experienced players, both shooters - it is not unrealistic that such a thing could/will happen in a lifetime of playing.

The second game, (to 7 points) was Mike/Tim beating the pants off Jeff/Mark 13/7 (7/1).

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