Saturday, August 02, 2008

Provence Visits De-Troit

While Dan, Mike, James, Jeff, Alpha, Gene, and Sharon were playing their Saturday petanque - we noticed a group of tourists (map in hand - photos of the fountain taken aplenty) studying us with mild amusement. Yes, they were from the South of France and were shocked that anyone in the United States knew - let alone, played "their game."

We told them about our various clubs, the tournaments, and the nationwide passion for the sport. They said they couldn't wait to tell their friends at home that people in Detroit were playing petanque.

The weather was delightful, with cooling breezes, the spray of the nearby fountain, and plenty of shade trees. We enjoyed a nice series of games - ending with the Mike/Jeff vs. Dan/James/Alpha finale. They won... but only at 13/12.

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