Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rochester Petanque Is All Fun

Everyone had a good 'ole time last night! Great weather, and especially high amounts of laughter! This group is getting it's own little distinct character that's quite entertaining, everyone should come out to see for yourselves, it can't be well conveyed in a BLOG... but here's a quick story for you to get a taste!

A little story from the old days... funny for us old-timers, education for the newbies.

For various reasons, during one funny summer we got into a habit of nicknaming everyone for different characteristics we saw in them during their times on the piste.

Well, I think we may have to revisit that tradition after last night's laughs with Pauls theatrics!

When Paul has to make the traditional toss of the cochonette, his throwing strategy is not typical!

For obvious reasons, at the end of an end, every player picks up their boules and normally positions themselves out of the way of play (where the cochonette is about to be thrown). Since Rochester's piste is a large open area, it's not quite obvious where the cochonette is about to be thrown.

In Paul's game, you may stand behind him to be out of his way, and he'll just turn right around and go right in your direction. So everyone finds themselves scurrying around as Paul looks in circles to see what direction he wants to go. It got to be very humorous with all these people just dancing around Paul while he tried to decide... I think this picture shows the silliness (just imagine it animated!)...

So I have to propose two of my favorite names: Paul "the weathervane" or Paul "the Golden Compass"?? It's quite fitting knowing that play does not begin until Paul decides the direction! Let's have a vote!

Is it just me? Or does it get you a little worried when girls are secretly strategizing in a group??

They were definitely discussing their determined play by how well everyone did!

See everyone next week!

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