Friday, August 15, 2008

Hail Hail the Band's all Here

What a come back! Abu/Tim/Mike were at zero (0) points to Pat/Jeff/Kevin/Rafael's 8 points. We were honestly considering if we'd fanny the opposition. But then I screwed up a plombee, striking my boule into a blocker - pushing them into a close first point. And it was all downhill from there, with us stuck on 8 points while they collected SIX (6) points the next round (8 boules on the ground per team) they then passed us, and kept on going to 13. Whew... what an upset! Abu captained the team, Tim interpreted moves for Mike - they were powerful.

Big thanks to Kevin who put together a formula filled excel spreadsheet for doing the daily rankings. With so many numbers floating around - it'll be a huge help.

Some Videos from today:

Playing With the Band

Abu Points In

Pat Suggests Pointing Up

King Cobra Offers a Smug Smile


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