Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brrrrrrr Matt & Jeff Beat Honigman Bros.

Let me start off by asking: "Why doesn't Kevin wear a coat when the temperature is 38 degrees outside?"

The chilly air definitely reduced Kevin's shooting success - Pat took over that position.

Pat/Tim/Kevin vs. Matt/Jeff for a 13/9 win for Matt & Jeff.

Lots of variables today... for one, Tim didn't eat any of his peppers while pointing - (major mistake) - Kevin might as well be throwing snowballs - he was shivering so much he couldn't shoot - and Pat had to carry the game on 2 boules against Matt (who wore a sensible coat and gloves) and Jeff (who doesn't feel the cold as he is a robot)

Mike was out today - inspection of his apartment. Good luck - he'll need it!

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