Thursday, October 02, 2008

a Twist to the Piste on Campus Martius

Today's game was held on the gravel-rich terrain of Campus Martius Park. Refreshing was the overall feeling for the change of court (from Cadillac Square) - plus quite a bit warmer.

The location is also in close proximity to Au Bon Pain - which means coffee, pastries and other comestibles.

The game play on thicker gravel really tests players who are more used to a faster (less gravelled) piste - and if you happen to be able to read the ground like a golfer - then you'll be ahead of the game.

Kevin/Jeff/Tom played against Mike/Matt/Abu - we admittedly had a very powerful shooting group, Kevin probably making 85% of his shots. Tom's pointing right on made us rather a difficult adversary so it is not too big a surprise that we took it, 13/3 but do keep in mind that it won't take long for Matt to work up his shooting levels. Strategically, the defensive/offensive placements were by-the-book, so we'll just have to work on the skills a bit. See y'all tomorrow!

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