Monday, October 20, 2008

Honigman Wins Again

Pat/Maury/Tim/Mike vs. Abu/Matt/Deric/Jeff

I must first offer my apology to my team, I was awful today, really, really bad. My shooting was off the mark; and my points were too short. I think one of my shots actualy cost us 2 points, giving the other team two points. Outrageous. Somedays that' s how it can be. My other three team members held their own, and that was why we were still in the running with a loss of only 10 to 13.

Deric had some really nice close points; and Matt & Abu also pointed nicely. In fact, I think we would have taken it, if I just kept to pointing. That's the problem with shooting - when you're off, you are WAY off... Mike had a pretty good day - and Maury enjoyed some close points as well. He even wants to try some petanque locally (in Ann Arbor). Pat and Tim, as usual, were playing strong.

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