Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Honigman Takes The Day - Maury Looking to Top the Rankings

Today was another victory for Honigman, (Pat/Tim/Maury/Mike) soudly beating us (Jeff/Abu/Matt/Raphael) 13 to 4 (!!!) Now I know how the Detroit Lions feel during their losing streak.

Ranking-wise, Maury just needs 3 more games before he's mixed into the Player Ranking List. He's sitting on a 2.01 ranking so far, and if he maintains this winning streak he'll be sitting on the top of the rankings...

(In order to be ranked among the club players you need to play 10 games, Note: your rank has been maintained throughot the 1-9 games)

It has become a tad cooler these days so we'll be playing in the sunnier sections of Campus Martius Park, probably either on the other side of the fountain, or more up towards Compuware.

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