Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunnier Portion of Campus Martius Park Offers Two Doublettes

With the threat of winter's chill right around the corner we have to grab whatever of the Sun's warmth we can get, and that means our exodus to the relatively warmer Northern courts of the park.

After some coin flipping for teams, partners and courts we ended up with:

Jeff/Matt vs. Kevin/Tim

Hitesh/Mike vs. Pat/Abu

Our doublette went South as the combo of Kevin & Tim kept up their 2-3 points per round. We ended with a 13/2 loss! "Peppers-Clabuesch" bowled in his close points and "Kevin the Laser" picked off any of our close boules, we had a hard time of it - the piste was new but fun as a challenge. The second game, Kevin vs. Jeff/Matt was a little easier, but still Kevin whooped us 7 to 5 (6 point conversion to 11/13)

Lots of cursing was heard over on the other court. Pat and Mike doing their thing. Mike was also text messaging to (??) -himself? Who knows... That was a nailbiter of a game with a 13/12 win to Pat/Abu. Pat told me that the crucial winning point was up to a rules interpretation. Mike played - the cochonnet was pushed back near to (but not touching or beneath) the chairs, but his boule did touch the chair (voiding that boule). Mike felt the cochonnet should also be voided. Pat made the correct call.

The official rules (adapting them from a strung court to one that is bordered by marble/granite and chairs/tables) - "If a boule and/or cochonnet touches any of those previously listed items, it becomes void."

Ggood games all.

Maury even stopped by afterwards to show some colleagues, from Ann Arbor, the sport. I offered a brief lesson, and hope he will be able to coax them into playing in an Ann Arbor club one day.

See you next time.

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