Wednesday, October 01, 2008

a Chilly Result to a Hot Start

King Cobra was on dust-pan duty today keeping him off the piste (piste-off so to say) cleaning up his apartment for inspection. But we'll be blessed with his re-appearance on Thursday ("for sure," he said).

Today's game was a mess. Pat and I were up 5 or 6 points to 1. Kevin even boasted he'd make 4 points in a round (which he ended up doing - taking the lead...) then Kevin & Tim turned on the frozen carrots - grinding away, until they ascended to a majestic 13/7 result. I take comfort in knowing that Mike was not witness to this "sneaky-slaughter"

The weather has turned on us, 55 degrees at the piste. Pat's jumping-bean antics didn't warm up his frozen balls - and he refuses to wear a coat (nor borrow one from Mike) - so I think it'll be warmer playing across the street at Campus Martius Park (next to Au Bon Pain) - at least it is in the sun. So let's meet there for Thurs. and Fri. and try it out.

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