Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vanquished! 13 to 8 in a timed game

Today we had nine players - normally, we'd break into a couple of games but for social reasons (and there was only one court that was sunny) - we stuck together in a 4 vs. 5 person battle royale! Pat/Mike/Maury/Tim bouled off against Kevin/Jeff/Matt/Raphael/Abu. Right at the start we took the lead, the other team gaining and getting 3 points, but then it was a landslide campaign after that, with a 7 to 3 lead, and it being a timed game (last round at 1pm) we had victory fully in our grasp. The clincher was when in the last round, Pat's team laid in a close point with their last boule. Not even that stopped us, as Matt rolled in neatly to give us a 9 to 4 (adjusted to 13/8) victory.



Maury is right, however, in commenting that there's simply too many boules on the court (20 boules!) - so for future games we'll try to split into doubles or triples.

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