Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well Matched Teams

Today's piste was closer to the fountain in Campus Martius Park. I want to use some relatively untested terrain to allow us the opportunity to spy out the lay of the ground.

Pat/Maury/Abu/Mike beat Raphael/Matt/Tim/Jeff 13 to 7 but there's more to the game than the final score. There were a few interesting elements to today's game:

Maury was throwing long so as to better appreciate his inclination for pointing at distances. Raphael was starting for us, putting in some nice close boules (allowing the opposition to "waste a few on pointing" before removing it with a shot). There was a nice turn of events when at a far distance, the opposition had the point by a foot. Then Tim pointed in to within 6 inches, but Abu recovered the point by nudging Tim's boule out. My own shooting was iffy, but came into play nicely for a couple of rounds (except in the end when I failed to remove the points that resulted in a sufficient tally for the win). Matt tried more shooting, a few misses, but near misses - in a short time he'll be deadly. Pat was the team's shooter, but his pointing was what gave them the win, nudging in boules to arrive at 13. Mike was, I must say, a bit off today on his pointing - not that I'm complaining as he was on the other team!

We all played a smart, strategic game - and that's always a more fun experience.

The weather for tomorrow looks like rain -- we'll see.

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