Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raphael Lives Up to His Name

In an earlier blog entry I mentioned the "Raphael" push point which our own Raphael performs very effectively. Today I watched him use that technique three times - almost effortlessly.

The set-up is an opponent's boule sitting just along the side of the cochonnet. You attempt to roll your boule with just enough velocity to push back the opposing (target) boule and leave your own boule cleanly in it's place. A neat trick sometimes effectuated in shooting called a "Carreau"

The Raphael has an added advantage of leaving your boule in the general vicinity even if you do miss the intended target.

Mike picked today's teams: Pat/Abu/Mike vs. Raphael/Tim/Jeff. I have to admit, we played very carefully, all of us, and it showed with the close initial score. After a few bad points from Mikey, we pulled ahead, so despite Abu switching in for Mike as lead pointer, we were so far ahead it was going to be difficult.

Nice shooting from Tim (have to keep that shooting arm in practice) - and of course Raphael's signature shot. Pat pulse cannoned in his boules - effective, but not if your pointer (Mike) costs you to be playing 2 boules short (4 boules to 6).

TIP: before the season ends (mid-November?) try some new throws/shots in your games. You may not perfect them right away, but at least you'll be getting a feel for what's involved, plus it's nice to pull various skills out of your bag of tricks. The plombe is a great shot to work on, it'll get you out of lots of otherwise troublesome situations (walls of boules). and you can adapt it into a shot (after perfecting the "landing spot") I'll get into the ther shots in a later blog. See you soon.

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