Friday, October 10, 2008

CRASH & BURN - Mike's Team Takes a Tumble

Excellent day for some petanque, Kevin/Tim/Mike/Abu played against Jeff/Pat/Matt.
The first game was a blow out (in more ways than one) with the final score being 13 (Pat's team) to 3 (Kevin's team). Kevin felt his shooting was a tad off. I told him that you just have to stick with it, and since he was the only shooter on his team, he had to just keep focused.
Mike's playing dropped off too, and Tim ran out of carrots too early.
Matt & Pat, on the other hand, worked well with me as a team, we looked at the boule layout, made a plan, and executed it well. Matt's also been shooting more, and coupled with Pat and my shooting, we terrorized the other team. They were literally on the edge of their seats!
The second game had Tim returning to work, so a true triplette of the same teams was formed, with a 12/12 point-game decider... Left up to Kevin, should he shoot or point... 13/12 conclusion ... winner: Team-Pat/Matt/Jeff

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