Thursday, October 16, 2008

Honigman Comes Back from a 2/9 to Win!

Today we broke the group into Honigman vs. "Compuware" with Maury/Pat/Kevin/Tim representing Honigman Miller against Abu/Hitesh/Mike/Jeff. At first I though we would take them, since we began with a 4 point lead. Soon after we were ahead 9 to their measly 2 points. I was already threatening them with the blog entry... But they held it together, getting one point per round, round-after-round, until they took a nice 4 point sweep by pushing the cochonnet to the empty rear position and pointing in their boules. In the end, they passed us, arriving at thirteen points to our twelve. Well done gents! 13/12 games are the best - as they display a relatively evenly matched set of teams. The shooting from Kevin and Pat, coupled with the excellent pointing from Maury and Tim working all together paid off. Nice job.

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