Friday, October 17, 2008

Enthusiastic Comeback to Win 13 to 11

Highly competitive game today, with an unorthodox number of players - but it's more fun that way.

Abu/Jeff/Raphael/Matt vs. Pat/Kevin/Mike/Tim/Hitesh

It was like a mirror image to yesterday's game for me, we were down 0 to 6 points, then it was 11 to 4 points before we started out come back... gaining on them 1 point per round, until we sat on 12/11.

The final round was a very long distance, but the pointing was spot-on, with Pat and Tim landing close boules but Raphael replacing their close boules with his. In the end, we had two boules left to try to make the point. Raphael rolled his in to within 3 inches. Bravo! Victory!

One of the pleasures of captaining a team is appointing the order for team members to play in their boule. Use up your key shooters too fast and you'll have nothing left in case the opposition lays in a close boule, use up your key pointers, and you have the problem of trying to make a point in difficult boule placements. I tend to distribute the players such that everyone is left with 1 boule, so I have options left for variant strategies. Also, I like to be the last to throw for my team because it a) makes me responsible for my team's result and b) it gives me to "pressure position"

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