Monday, October 27, 2008

Maury Tops the Club Rankings with 1.98

With the rain coming down ever so gently, we decided to take advantage of the Zamboni tent that Campus Martis Park so thoughtfully provided as cover while we played today's game. The park is setting up the ice skating rink, but we'll still be playing petanque for a month on.
We had a nice turn-out, and decided to keep it as one game: Abu/Maury/Pat/Tim/Jeff vs.

Our team began with a nice three point lead, and we never looked back, amassing points with each round until we were stopped at around 9 or 10 points by Kevin's team who was starting to catch up. This would be Maury's 10th game so were were interested in getting him situated with a top-score today (a win) to place him high on the rankings. And we did, with a 13 to 8 victory. The sun came out after a time, and we played our winning rounds warm and happy. Now that Maury has his top-rank, he'll need to maintain that lead over Hitesh and Kevin by not losing games. With only 10 games in the hopper, each subsequent game has about a 10% change (less and less with more games under his belt) to his overall ranking... Good job Maury!

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