Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Maury Joins the Petanquers

Two full triplettes ran today at Campus Martius Park. We quickly split into teams using shooters as captains, and coin-tossing for fairness.

Kevin/Deric/Mike vs. Jeff/Tom/Hitesh


Matt/Abu/Tim vs. Raphael/Pat/Maury

My team did well, and quickly - winning 13/1 against Kevin's team. Kevin was determinted to unseat Hitesh from the top of the rankings chart and was looking for a win with a wide spread. He got his wide spread - only for the wrong team! The second game went better for them, with a win (played to 10 points) 13/9. Some crucial shots were successfully accomplished by Kevin and though Mike was off on his pointings, Deric more than held his own.

Pat's team went in with new player, Maury, who I've heard is a whiz at pointing. But Matt told me that he made one of his shots, so I'm guessing that with Tim (shooter) and Matt (new shooter) and Abu's pointing, Pat's team was slightly edged out of the winning. I was watching their progress, and it was point-for-point, with 9 vs. 9 at some point in their game. Evenly matched teams make for low score rounds. The end was 13/11 for Abu/Matt/Tim.

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