Friday, October 03, 2008

Measured with Calipers

Today brought two games played at Campus Martius Park. The first, Jeff/Mike/Pat/Hitesh against Deric/Tom/Abu/Tim with a 13 to 7 conclusion (victory to Pat's team)
But the real nail-biter was the second game. Abu and Hitesh switched teams, so it was Jeff/Mike/Pat/Abu vs. Deric/Tom/Hitesh/Tim and point-for-point was exchanged for a while, then Deric's team took the lead, at 6 points to our 4 (this was a 7-point game).
We finally got in a few points bringing it to 6 to 6 - next point being the winning point.
Most of the boules were on the ground, leaving Tim with the point just behind the cochonnet. Jeff plombeed a front boule - a millimetre closer (we used caliper tape). Tim had the last boule of the game, he tossed in his point... VERY CLOSE... we had to measure AGAIN with te special measuring tape... victory to Pat/Hitesh/Mike/Jeff

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