Monday, October 13, 2008

Kevin & Pat were Skunked by Maury & Jeff

To be fair, the first game (of 2) that Maury and I played against Kevin & Pat was lost 2/13; but despite that shortcoming, you simply cannot ignore a good thrashing. The second game had the adreneline rushing, I could tell Maury was not used to losing. We started right out of the gate with a four point lead (playing to 7 points) - which really sparked up the competitive juice in our opponents: Kevin and Pat were determined NOT to lose. There was a nice opportunity for three points for K&P but a mislaid shot removed their close boule leaving us with two more points (6 to 0). The final end left Maury and Jeff with two boules close (more than enough to qualify a 7-0 win) but Kevin had a boule left. The eternal question: "Should I shoot or point?" The opposition (our) boule was about a foot distant from the cochonnet... the response: SHOOT. Wide Miss... 7 to 0 win for Maury and Jeff.
The Mike vs. Abu/Matt game was equally as interesting. Mike played the part of pointer with 4 boules to Matt/Abu 2 boules a piece. But when a pointer has 4 boules to use (and he's a good pointer), there are plenty of opportunities to lay in successively closer points. That's why Matt position (as shooter) was necessary to whittle down that pointing advantage.
But what happened next was curiously surprising as Mike, in a situation where both teams were tied (or just about tied up) and his opponents sealed up the front position with boules. Mike shot. clear and simple, he shot and cleared away the opponent's position, then laid in his own boules for the win 13/9. Bravo.
Never underestimate a shooting posing as a pointer!

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