Friday, October 24, 2008

Maury Rolls in the 13th boule for the Win

It was a close game, we (Abu/Jeff/Deric) were at 9, and Honigman (Maury/Pat/Kevin/Tim) were at 10 points.

But then in the final round, at a good distance too, Honigman rolled in two points - and the clincher, Maury pointed in # 13 for the victory... 13/9

NOTE: Maury is at 1.93 and his next game makes his average official. That'll place him at the top of the club's rankings.

Mike was busy calling us on his new cellphone - not sure why he was a no show. Pat called him up. We'll find out the scoop later.

See you monday!


Anonymous said...

this Casey Serin From A couple of days ago ???? the F??? wiki him
Does any one know this guy personally?? or is he just a self pro mo guy??

Jeppy said...

Nope, (re: Casey Serin) but if it was really him, and he was checking out petanque, what's the harm? We had Kwame Kilpatrick playing at one time too!

Anyhow, it looks like he hangs out on the West Coast.

Anonymous said...

Checked out his blog, etc.........guys a total self-promoter-sh*t-disturber-whack-job. Yeah, typical west coast slug on the roles of societies dole system.
Probably a personal friend of "That One".
John McCain.